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Month: February 2014 (page 2 of 3)

Valentine’s Farm-to-Table Dinner at Roaring Creek Farm

For Valentine’s Day, Heather and I enjoyed a 6 course farm-to-table dinner at Roaring Creek Farm. Paul Schertz opens his farm house once or twice a month for these farm-to-table dinners. There’s a waiting list, and when a spot opens up, it fills up within 15 minutes of sending out the email. We’d been wanting to go for months, but pregnancy and children and work had prevented us from doing much outside the homestead. Read more

Traumatized by Technology

The solar powered electric fence has been hard for me to adjust to. To not be able to lean against a fence and pet or feed the goats is hard. The fence is holding well and the goats learned after a day to respect the perimeter, but it’s hard on me. I’m dealing with difficult feelings of having infected the peaceful homestead with interfering technology. Read more

Stripping the Tin

I’m not afraid to buy supplies, but when the land already contains what we need, I prefer to repurpose what we already have. In this instance, we have dairy goats on the way and we need a portable shelter. The old broke down shack by the waterfall has enough tin and wood to supply us with materials for both an A-frame and a few outhouses. Read more

Visioneering Part 1: A Future Community

We bought some land that we love. Check!
We built a chicken coop. Check!
We raised some guineas to eat ticks. Check!
We adopted stray cats to control the rodent population. Check!
We brought in two English Shepherds to protect our land and animals. Check!
We began the permaculture questionnaire for our land. Check!
We joined the very local church. Check!
We put down a deposit on dairy goats. Check!
We shared our lives with other local homesteaders. No check! Read more

Wait, Goats Prefer Brush? Time to Modify Expectations

From the time we bought this land, I envisioned a herd of goats and sheep rotating across our nearest pastures which would be broken into small paddocks divided by electric netting fence. The information I’ve read differs between sources. One person writes about herding goats and talks about pastures as a perfectly natural place for them to eat because that is what they want their goats to do. But they somehow fail to mention that goats naturally thrive in forested areas with more leaves, shrubs, and brush. I knew that was what goats preferred, but I was under the impression that our goats would be just fine on pasture regardless and need little to no supplementation. Read more

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