One of the greatest challenges I’ve faced conceptually is whether to call this property our farm or homestead. In most instances, including website domain registration, “farm” sounds better, shorter, and easier. But it doesn’t really represent what we came here for.

Much love to the city folk who said goodbye to posh city careers and opted instead to raise animals and grow food to sell products to local consumers at farmer’s markets, grocery stores, and restaurants. We absolutely need those people. I love what they’re doing. It’s just not the reason why I’m here.

For me, and this is COMPLETELY a personality thing, selling involves one of my greatest peeves: negotiation. I HATE selling. I hate the though of it because of how people typically handle negotiations. I want my offer to be my offer. Take it or leave it. So the thought of having to sell directly to consumers to make a living makes me want to crawl inside my own skin.

Homesteading is more about handling everything possible in-house. Grow your own food, make your own clothes, amend your own soil, recycle your byproducts, etc. Nothing is taken for granted and just about anything can be useful at SOME point.

But many would say that homesteading is less realistic. Who is going to live cheaply enough to afford a non-income generating homestead?