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Froggy Pipes Again

For the second time since November, we’ve turned on the tap one morning to find absolutely no water. This time the pipe from the spring to the box was clear, and the faucet at the barn was still flowing, so we knew the blockage was between the box and the house. Our now beloved plumber E came by again and used his trusty air compressor to blow the pipe clear.

Rather than wait for me to follow his previous advice (it WAS on my to do list), E brought some screen mesh and a pipe clamp to cover the first pipe opening from spring to box. This mesh should prevent froggies from getting inside again. Although I wouldn’t guarantee that the box doesn’t have a few inside already. So I will check later this week. The downside of adding a mesh to the pipe inside the box is that it’s below a couple hundred gallons of water. We’d have to drain the tank to add the mesh and then fill it up again.

I’m praying that there are no more froggies already in the tank so we can hold off on this for a bit longer.

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