There’s this whole story behind why the goats are out of their fenced paddock, which I’ll get to later.

But for now, just know that the goats are out roaming around, browsing the goodies around the house. I was hoping they’d take to the bush monster out back, but no. They want the roses. Not just the leaves, the flowers.

And you know what? I’m okay with that. I never really wanted roses in front of my house.

Our goats went through an extended period in a single paddock in which they browsed the edibles several times to the point that the undesirable and toxic perilla mint took over half of our pasture. Since then, the goats have enjoyed a frequent work-release program, in which they are free to browse the other greenery on the land beyond their normal confinement.

Perilla Mint is Toxic to Goats


Browse on, little ones.

goat eating rose petals

Now who’s going to clean the porch?

Oh. Right. That would be me. Sigh.

goats on the porch