Nothing earth shattering to announce today. Killer 1st blog sentence, eh? We’re in the middle of ramping up a new division of our business, so it’s been all hands on deck for the past couple weeks. That means reduced time outdoors and all other projects grind to a halt and wait.

What kind of projects are on hold?

1. I have a new kitchen faucet sitting beside my desk that has been here for a week. I will install it next week after our business project launch.

2. Remember that playground set we bought our children for Christmas? It’s half built and just sitting there, waiting to be finished. It’s been too long, but it’s been one of the busiest years of our lives.

3. There’s a water leak at the water faucet in our barn. The faucet pipe just sticks up out of the ground between wooden floor planks, so I’ll have to pull up some boards to see what’s going on. We’ve had a trickle leak for a while now and the ground on that side of the barn stays muddy all the time. I have some sealant tape that will hopefully do the trick once I get to it.

4. Researching meat rabbit businesses. My six year old daughter, Katie, and I are going to read materials together so we can be prepared to raise our own meat rabbits. We have some sitting in cages right now, but are not altogether convinced we know enough to start breeding.

5. Measuring distances for every tree and structure in our zones 1-3 for our future permaculture design.

Those things and more await. Right now, I’ll settle for starting a crock pot of bone broth from two chicken carcasses I picked clean tonight. We’ll have fresh broth tomorrow to sip with our turkey bacon and sweet potato fries.

If you’re still reading this, A) what’s wrong with you? and B) I just finished a thoroughly enjoyable e-book entitled, The Acccidental Farmers, by Tim Young.