Three months ago, four beautiful kittens appeared on our doorstep. It was an unexpected surprise. We chose to care for them and consider them our own. But unfortunately, our grocery bill had to flex a bit to accomodate four new hungry mouths.

Not willing to feed our cats GMOs or grains when avoidable, I began ordering beef soup bones in bulk from a vendor at the farmer’s market. And while the farmer gave me a discount, I’ve still been paying approximately $3 per pound. Assume we feed the cats at least one pound of soup bones per day, and you can see that we’ve increased our monthly grocery budget by at least $90. And that is a conservative estimate.

I checked with a different vendor at the market today and found an amazing deal: 25 pounds of beef “parts” for $35 and $2/pound soup bones with 25 lb minimum purchase.

Since we’re looking to purchase two English Shepherds, our budget was about to double at least. But now we can add the Shepherds and keep our budget steady. That’s BIG savings, guys. I’m super grateful.

I still love my other meat seller. We still buy eggs and steaks and ground beef from them. But we gotta do what we gotta do to make it work.

Now to find some dogs.