After a week-long entrepreneurial mastermind in October, we returned home pumped up and ready to take on Winter. We had a handful of actionable task to jump into immediately, which always helps one make progress.

We threw ourselves into ditch digging and internet cable connecting and are now operating out of our pod on a little hill behind our house. It has a beautiful view and gives us a wall of sunshine to brighten our day.

Now that the pod is finished, we’re on to complete the website redesign we started earlier this year. So excited. It’s going to be like stepping into a more comfortable and natural skin.

So for us, this particular winter is more about the blog and less about the steading. In an ideal world we’d tackle both, but right now we’re like Ethan Hawke in Training Day, hanging onto the choke hold until we get one of the two men down.

Weather Means Change

For most parts of the country, overnight temps are reaching the freeze point. That means change has come. Hoop houses and green houses may need adjusting, chickens may need additional bedding, and livestock generally need more calories catered.

We keep it simple on the blogstead, not because we’re expert minimalists or conservationists, but because running a digital business and homeschooling analog children takes a lot of time. There’s only so much “we” to go around.
I mentioned that we’re winterizing the chicken dome, and I’d like to hear what you’re doing to prepare your home, animals, or land for winter this year.

Are you growing crops? Anticipating furbabies? Taking a much needed break? Catching up on business projects while the land rests?

Whatever it is that you do, I want to hear about it. I hope you’ll click to reply.