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Month: April 2014

Heavy Rains Highlight Areas for Improvement

We had nonstop rain from 3am until midnight on Monday. The photo above LOOKS like our creek, but it isn’t. It’s the gravel path beside the creek that normally  grants access to the rest of the property. For 24 hours, it was a 2nd roaring creek. The dogs jumped in to test the water. I was worried they might get swept downstream. Read more

Katie Brings Home a Millipede

“Daddy! I found a callerpitter, and since I didn’t want it to be lonely, I found it a friend too!”

Now, I don’t know a lot about insects and creepy crawlies, but I know what a caterpillar basically looks like. This was NOT a caterpillar. Read more

Touring the Homestead with Blogger Friends

Our friends Genevieve and Michael of stopped by for a visit after Easter Sunday. It’s great to have friends who can identify with the lifestyle and the challenges of a blog-based business. We talked some shop as well as our plans for the future and some what if scenarios. Read more

Narrow Escape from Another Day Lost on Water Pipes

I thought we had another water pipe blockage. First, we could hear the water pump was running off and on every few seconds for about half an hour. Next, the toilet sounded like it was pumping more air than water after each flush. Last, the kitchen sink poured at less than half strength. Read more

Respect the Thunderstorm

A thunderstorm used to mean very little to me in my cozy and contained suburbiverse. “Maybe” we’d lose electricity for an hour or two and we’d hug our children tightly so they wouldn’t feel scared. Read more

Building the “Mobile” Goat Tunnel

This post covers Version 2 of how to build a lightweight portable goat shelter. Click here to read about goat shelter 1.0. I’ve built several additional versions over the years which I will show you at the end of this post.

I got myself into a bit of a pickle. Our goat herd grew from 2 to 6 in a single day. My beautific A-frame goat shelter (version 1.0 mentioned above) just can’t handle that much goaty goodness. It’s pretty heavy, anyway. Even if we add wooden skis to the bottom, I doubt I’ll enjoy pulling it from paddock to paddock. Read more

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