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Month: November 2014

How to Build a Backyard Swing Set in Eleven Easy Months

Since it’s the time for giving thanks and confessing gluttony, I figured I’d warm up with a different sort of confession:

Hello, my name is Daniel, and it took me 11 months to build my children’s Christmas present. Yes. ELEVEN.  Read more

The Tractor That Almost Was But Isn’t

When we moved onto this land, I was going to turn the permaculture design world on its head. My designs were going to transform the way the world saw agriculture. Okay, that’s a stretch, but I WAS at least going to mow my own pastures and haul my own fallen trees. Baby steps, Danielsan. Baby steps.

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Visiting the Homestead of President Andrew Jackson

We took our children along with a host of other local homeschoolers to visit President Andrew Jackson’s home, known as The Hermitage. Some of the rooms are enclosed in plexiglass to preserve the original wallpaper.

This is a picture of Andrew Jackson’s living room. The second photo is his dining room.
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Going for a Goat Walk

Every now and then I bundle the kids up and take the goats and/or dogs for a walk around the property. With ridges and slopes, it’s not every day or week that I get to see every part of our property. So it’s good to get a feel for what’s happening now and then. Read more

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