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Month: March 2015

The Tractor That Almost Wasn’t

Our first two summers here, we paid a local tractor mechanic to cut our pastures and yard. He lived close enough to drive his tractor and bush hog (rotary cutter) over without a trailer. It wasn’t cheap, but it was was actually cheaper than having our little yard kept up in Texas. Read more

How to Choose the Best Tractor for Your Homestead

I was not a happy camper when that pic was taken. After days of searching Nashville Craigslist, referencing, and combing dozens of tractor forum threads (yes, there are tractor forums),  I began my search for THE tractor. I knew nothing going in except tractors are big, loud, and expensive.  Read more

Planting Chestnuts and Blueberries

On Saturday afternoon, I took our newest additions up the hill for planting. The hill faces East and backs up to forest further up the hill.

I planted three types of chestnuts and three types of blueberries. Read more

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