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Month: April 2015

Goats Without Borders

After two years on the homestead, watering and grazing goats challenged me more than just about everything else. The permaculture design course I completed in 2013 inspired me to attempt intensive rotational grazing methods for the sake of optimal land, soil, and goat health. That means penning up the goats in a very small paddock and moving the goats to a fresh mini paddock every day or two. Read more

Starting A Raised Bed Garden With 1 Hour of Prep

It was a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in March. The kids were playing half-naked in the creek. Heather sat under an umbrella on the deck, writing another DIY beauty article. Gigi was nearby, clear coating the wood for our future living room shelves.

I had a rare moment of peace at my desk when Heather walked in… Read more

Poultry Project Year Two

Our first year with animals on the homestead, we raised somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 hens, three roosters, and a dozen guineas. We lost quite a few birds to predators, so we’re practically starting over this Spring.

Read more

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