It’s a strange name. But it makes sense once you think about it. Blogsteading is the point where professional blogging and homesteading converge.

Hi, I’m Daniel Dessinger, owner of Thanks for taking the time to learn more.

This website began in 2013 as, with the goal of sharing our family’s fledgling homesteading adventures. Ultimately, the name was too limiting. Homesteading is a vital part of our lives, but it’s not the only part. In fact, you might find this homesteading blog rather uneventful at times because we’re focused on the other half of our lives – our family business at

This Site Has Evolved

I started this blog to record the work we were doing to develop a sustainable permaculture-inspired homestead and grow as much of our food as possible.

That goal has changed. Due to contracting Lyme from tick bites in the middle of Tennessee hill country, we’ve relocated to the Florida gulf coast, where we are pursuing other goals and recovering from this serious health condition.

Life handed us lemons, but we’re making lemonade. Instead of farming and animal husbandry, our children are becoming junior lifeguards, artists, and chefs.

The path ahead looks very different than the one I saw when we started this blog. Life has given us “feedback”, and we continue to adapt and learn.