It’s a strange name. But it makes sense once you think about it. Blogsteading is the point where professional blogging and homesteading converge.

Hi, I’m Daniel Dessinger, owner of Thanks for taking the time to learn more.

This website began in 2013 as, with the goal of sharing our family’s fledgling homesteading adventures. Ultimately, the name was too limiting. Homesteading is a vital part of our lives, but it’s not the only part. In fact, you might find this homesteading blog rather uneventful at times because we’re focused on the other half of our lives – our family business at

The Ultimate Goal

We’re here for one primary reason: to harness the power of our digital business to facilitate developing this sustainable permaculture-inspired homestead to the stage where we grow most of the food we eat right here on our land. We are aiming to reach 75% by 2022.

Living one foot in the rural and one in the digital poses all sorts of fascinating challenges and adventures. Join us for the ride by signing up for the newsletter.