Only slightly less exciting than joining Matt Damon in a California zoo adventure is building a pod on the hill behind our house. Yes, friends, though our house may be tiny, our office space is now mighty. And rather than fight for peace and quiet in our tiny house, we built a pod. And eventually a deck. And BOOM! We’re business professionals once more.

No more sitting on the couch trying to write a newsletter while lightsaber wielding children run screaming through the house. No more snack times then work then snack times then diaper changes then snack time then coherent thought. No, I say! We shall have progress once more.

And yet… it DID take us a solid EIGHT (?) months to add a deck onto the front. Coulda should woulda been nice to have the deck built a few months ago. Have you ever seen a very non-limber adult male hiking his leg up over a horse? That’s about as amazing a view as it was to see me step up into the pod without a ladder or stairs.┬áNothing says professional like panting and rolling on the floor after the long hike uphill and the climb inside.

The pod deck is finally completed. Yay!

But we’re certified now. This baby is begging for furniture and mojitos. I might just have to pay someone to sit out on the deck and serve mojitos. No. For real.