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How to Build a Backyard Swing Set in Eleven Easy Months

Since it’s the time for giving thanks and confessing gluttony, I figured I’d warm up with a different sort of confession:

Hello, my name is Daniel, and it took me 11 months to build my children’s Christmas present. Yes. ELEVEN. 

About that Instagram the other day…

So I made the mistake of Instagramming the project in progress yesterday, and my parents were all like, “Hey, what’s that yer buildin?” And I didn’t want to tell them that it’s the gift they helped me purchase for their grandchildren LAST Christmas.

building the roof to the swing set playground

So instead of answering them, I wrote this blog post.

Go big or go home, right? So there it is. Sorry Mom. Sorry Dad. Sorry Kristine. If it makes you feel ANY better, I’ll force the kids to play on it every day this winter, come rain, shine, or blizzard, to make up for every lost summer day.

And I really must offer my apologies for misleading you with the title. If, after reading, you would still like some tips on how to build a similar structure in eleven months, just shoot me a message.

Or wait. And maybe ask me next year.


P.S. The playground kits don’t come dirty. That’s just what they look like after lying under a tarp with a rat snake for the past year.

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