After two years on the homestead, watering and grazing goats challenged me more than just about everything else. The permaculture design course I completed in 2013 inspired me to attempt intensive rotational grazing methods for the sake of optimal land, soil, and goat health. That means penning up the goats in a very small paddock and moving the goats to a fresh mini paddock every day or two.

Well, we have a problem. Or two. First, it takes a long time to move temporary electric panel fencing. Second, the farther away your paddocks are, the further you have to transport daily water.

It’s not that carrying heavy buckets of water doesn’t thrill me. Yes. Actually, it is.

Keep in mind, we’re not full-time homesteaders. We run our own business that has nothing to do with our land. We homeschool our children. We make every meal from scratch. Life is full already.

So anytime I can cut a corner without compromising anyone’s health or wellbeing, I’m in. Hence the weeks long goats-without-borders project.

Let us… Us Free

We let our goats roam freely from time to time so they can browse our forest without restraint. An added bonus: as long as they’re out of their pen, watering is easy peasy.

We leave a bucket by the outdoor water hydrant at all times. We can fill up the bucket and leave it beside the hydrant for the day. If the goats are nearby, they get a special treat and lap up the water as it pours.