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Going for a Goat Walk

Every now and then I bundle the kids up and take the goats and/or dogs for a walk around the property. With ridges and slopes, it’s not every day or week that I get to see every part of our property. So it’s good to get a feel for what’s happening now and then.

We took a goat walk recently and found some maypops growing wild on the ridge.


maypop in hand

maypop opened

Maypops are semisweet and a little tangy. Not a bad little snack, honestly.

We don’t always recognize what we find on our walks, so the children and I bring things back to the house for some homeschooling research online. My homesteading communities on Facebook are great about helping me identify various plants, seeds, and fruits I encounter along the way.

Maypops are frequently called passion fruit, or fruit from a passion vine. I’ve done quite a bit of searching via Google Images, and most of the “passion fruit” I see there don’t resemble what we’ve found. So for the sake of distinction, we’ll just call these Maypops for now.

I grabbed the last few of the season, but now that I know where to look next year, I hope to make a special batch of Maypop kombucha. It’s worth a go.



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