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Heavy Rains Highlight Areas for Improvement

We had nonstop rain from 3am until midnight on Monday. The photo above LOOKS like our creek, but it isn’t. It’s the gravel path beside the creek that normally  grants access to the rest of the property. For 24 hours, it was a 2nd roaring creek. The dogs jumped in to test the water. I was worried they might get swept downstream.
Homestead entrance under water

The entrance to our property was flooded with six inches of water. A ditch runs perpendicular to the front of our property and runs under the entrance via drain pipe. Unfortunately, I hadn’t cleared the drain pipe in several months, so the pipe was clogged and all the water from up the hill overflowed over the entrance and down into the creek.

Creek is flooded

You can hardly tell which side is the creek and which is supposed to be the path. The water hit an area partially blocked by fallen tree limbs and diverted onto the path.

I can only imagine what this land looked like during the Floods of 2010.

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