I thought we were fortunate when I first saw gorgeous rock formations along our creek. Then, back in mid-February, I set up our electrofence for the first time.

Yeah… Not so much.

Stomping each fence post into the ground proved nearly impossible as many times the ideal location was an impenetrable rock. Everywhere I’ve looked so far, there seems to be a layer of small rock just below the surface. Everywhere I have tested, there are rocks. Not just a few. A LOT.

How does this play a role in our future? That remains to be seen.

I am still researching No Till, row cropping, mulching, and perennial food systems and I can’t say what our approach is yet. I don’t want to disturbe the soil as mentioned in Mycelium Running, but perhaps we’ll decide it is the best way to grow crops. We’ve yet to determine how sensible this could be if every part of our soil is full of rocks.