Setting up electric fencing must take quite a while, right? Turns out it was no big deal. My daughter and I set up 200 ft of fencing in half an hour. Granted, the prospect of properly grounding the fence was a bit intimidating due to the lack of instructional materials provided. But as it turns out, we just connected the solar energizer to the fence and grounded it to a nearby metal fence and DONE.

The bigger challenge was keeping my emotions in check while our two new doelings tested the fence by attempting to jump through it. Five times that day, a doe got through to the other side. Imagine that. This sweet face you see above flying head first into the netting and getting caught for a second. If you’ve had a bad experience with goats, this likely will not move you. If all you see is a small beautiful creature, it’s a different story. Yeah, I know. A long way to go.

As a total novice to electric fences and goats, I’m wondering how other people spend much time inside the fenced paddock without concern of a goat testing the fence while it’s off. As far as I can see, there’s no easy way to turn on the energizer while I’m inside, so the fence has to be off while I’m in with the girls. Debating whether a stand for the energizer is warranted. If the energizer were atop a stand beside and just taller than the fence, I could possibly reach the button from the inside without shocking myself.