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Traumatized by Technology

The solar powered electric fence has been hard for me to adjust to. To not be able to lean against a fence and pet or feed the goats is hard. The fence is holding well and the goats learned after a day to respect the perimeter, but it’s hard on me. I’m dealing with difficult feelings of having infected the peaceful homestead with interfering technology.

For the first time since we moved here, there is this “dangerous” force field separating me from some of our animals. It is a barrier I don’t like. But as has already been told me by Erin Kelly, my emotional trauma likely comes from not having used traditional fencing first. If I had, perhaps the difficulties of keeping the goats inside would change the way I look at electric.

These does are only 3 months old. They are very friendly and want to be touched and talked to. They are wonderful. When I have meat / brush goats, I will see it somewhat differently. But these dairy goats are going to be around for a long time, and so a different relationship will form. There is a sort of partnership that takes place as we care for the goats and the goats provide for us. And to this point there has never been any reason to be cautious approaching any of our animals.
As far as I know, this electric fence is a necessary evil. But don’t think for one second that I wouldn’t consider some new fangled alternative if one presented itself. I’m daydreaming about our dogs turning into master sheperding dogs, wherein I’d consider letting them establish the perimeter. That’s just me dreaming at this point.


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