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The Tractor That Almost Was But Isn’t

When we moved onto this land, I was going to turn the permaculture design world on its head. My designs were going to transform the way the world saw agriculture. Okay, that’s a stretch, but I WAS at least going to mow my own pastures and haul my own fallen trees. Baby steps, Danielsan. Baby steps.

God must have known I was starting a homesteading blog and said, “Whoa Nelly! Don’t gitcher dayglow chainsaw pants in a bunch!” Because, of course, God talks like that.

Long story short, we’ve replaced TWO entire residential air conditioner and blower sets this year plus a refrigerator. And to top that off, we’ve taken most of our family to a special nurse practitioner to have labs drawn in a further attempt to improve our collective healths.

No Purty Green Machine

So this little baby that was GOING TO BE mine isn’t. And our pasture that was GOING TO BE mowed, isn’t. And yes, I paid a guy to drive his tractor over and mow our yard, pathways, and parts of the pasture a few times this year.

I know, I know… I’m the anti-homesteader. Who knows? Maybe I’ll pay someone to garden next. Or… not.

john deere 1070

In case you’re wondering, this particular tractor is a 35 horsepower diesel. We’ll need 35hp or more to operate a 7′ bush hog, which is an attachment that cuts through grass, brambles, bushes, and generally everything you don’t want.

My OTHER dream is to get a hay baler, but we’ll save that dream for another time. What’s the point of cutting your own grass and then paying for hay somewhere else?

Of course, the permaculture side of me wants to do this more sustainably, which means cutting and gathering hay like this hoss here:

cutting hay with a sickle

Rimager via Compfight cc

Either way, mark it down. One day my friends, I will be hay rich.

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