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Valentine’s Farm-to-Table Dinner at Roaring Creek Farm

For Valentine’s Day, Heather and I enjoyed a 6 course farm-to-table dinner at Roaring Creek Farm. Paul Schertz opens his farm house once or twice a month for these farm-to-table dinners. There’s a waiting list, and when a spot opens up, it fills up within 15 minutes of sending out the email. We’d been wanting to go for months, but pregnancy and children and work had prevented us from doing much outside the homestead.

Life has been good since baby Levi was born in November. In fact, it’s been better than ever. The business is going well and requires less work and stress to maintain. So after enjoying an excellent anniversary meal at Rolfe & Daughters just a few weeks prior, I was ready for another sumptuous meal we wouldn’t have to cook and jumped on the opportunity to take Heather to our first Roaring Creek farm-to-table dinner.

We approached the house a little bashful at first because we were carrying baby Levi. Most people who sign up to pay good money for a great Valentine’s dinner aren’t hoping to hang out with a baby. But we met some really great people from the start and never worried about it again.

Our names were written on spoons where our seats were reserved. We sat with eight other people we’d never met before. And it was FUN. I mean, this was the best date night we’ve had in years. The conversation and food exceeded my expectations. The house was warm and Paul and Pat made everyone feel like a welcome member of the family. It was an experience worth repeating, for certain.

I am inspired by the lifestyle Paul and Pat are building within their community. They are living off the land. With the help of Michael (Paul’s son), they are operating Joe Natural’s Farmstore and Cafe. They are fostering community while turning the fruits of their labors into gourmet experiences via farm-to-table dinners. And they offer help and resources any time they sense a need.

May we all learn to be so gracious and useful in our communities.

Valentine’s Day Menu

Bogle Merlot, Handcraft Cabernet Sauvignon

First Course: Cheese plate featuring House made herbed cheese, hummus, and olive tapenade. The goat milk was provided by Dolly and Ruby, two of Roaring Creek Farm’s Nubian dairy goats.

Second Course: Trio of baked wonton wrappers stuffed with a medley of avocado and salmon, tilapia ceviche, and farm fresh eggs with caviar.

Third Course: Traditional French Onion Soup featuring house made beef stock, sweet onions, and Gruyere cheese.

Fourth Course: Romaine lettuce accented by house made olive dressing, tomatoes, black olives, and Parmesan cheese.

Fifth Course: Grass Raised filet of beef tenderloin medallions atop a sourdough crouton and accented by a mushroom glaze. Smashed red potatoes featuring garlic and olive oil, topped with goat cheese creme fraiche. Spinach Souffle.

Sixth Course: Dessert choice of
Chocolate Dream Pie: Rich dark chocolate and sweetened goat cheese atop a shortbread crust.
Strawberry Shortcake: Features fresh strawberries dusted in sugar atop a homemade biscuit and freshly whipped cream.

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