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Visioneering Part 1: A Future Community

We bought some land that we love. Check!
We built a chicken coop. Check!
We raised some guineas to eat ticks. Check!
We adopted stray cats to control the rodent population. Check!
We brought in two English Shepherds to protect our land and animals. Check!
We began the permaculture questionnaire for our land. Check!
We joined the very local church. Check!
We put down a deposit on dairy goats. Check!
We shared our lives with other local homesteaders. No check!

We are well on our way toward developing our five year and ten year vision for this homestead. And along the way, others who share a similar vision of sustainable and regenerative homesteading will move close by. It’s going to happen.

We are here for a purpose:

1. To learn how to live in harmony with the land
2. To produce 85% of our own food from this land
3. To mentor interns who are interested in doing the same
4. To facilitate the growth of a community of regrarian homesteaders in our area
5. To develop strong relational bonds with members of our community
6. To influence the approach to agriculture in our area
7. To ultimately reshape our geographic region to be an ample regenerative food forest to be emulated by other farmers, homesteaders, towns, and cities

I really want a hyper-local community. I imagine 5-10 homesteading individuals/families living on our street or the next street over where we can walk to each other’s houses and share in celebratory meals and pitch in when there’s a large project or harvest and our children can develop lifelong friendships. I see this happening. It is happening, even though it isn’t yet happening. I see it happening here.

In this vision, each person/family owns their own land, but understands the value of community and honors the structure of Creation regardless of their religious beliefs. Whether they be hippies, Protestants, Catholics, Nazarenes, atheists, agnostics, Buddhists, or Taoists, I want to love on some people who love the land and who honor each other.

That seems like a lot to swallow and perhaps premature considering we’re rounding out our first year on the land. We still have to plant our first garden. But this is the seed of the vision. We’re writing it down and sharing it despite the fact that it will evolve and mature with each passing year. This is the seed we have planted by moving here.

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